Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold
Path Maker Mold

Path Maker Mold

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How could something this simple change your life?

Place the path mold on the ground, fill it with concrete, smooth surface, remove mold and you’re done, no special skills or tools needed

Everyone can create your own style garden path and be your gardening designer.

Let your garden path have a beautiful pattern so that the road is no longer rigid!  

Path Maker Mold is a paving mold used to make a cement (or red mud) garden path. It has irregular holes that can be filled with cement slurry in the mold, and the top is then smoothed by hand. When dry, remove the loading mold and sprinkle the stone sand (or plant the grass) in the gap.

Create beautiful paths in just a few hours!  

Create unique paths for gardens and driveways with Path Maker Mold, the newest concrete molding product. These simple but high-quality molds feature irregular holes and an easy hand smoothing process.

It is possible to make roads of different colors, and it is only necessary to blend the cement inside into colored, without expensive equipment and laying costs. 

Create something beautiful today!



  • Easy to operate and suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas and more. It can be used repeatedly.

  • Durable Material: It can be used repeatedly or multiple times at the same time until all the roads have been completed.


    • Color: Black
    • Material: PP
    • Weight: 480g

        We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product simply return it within 30 days for a full refund no questions asked! 


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 19 reviews
        Darron Batz

        This is my first time ever doing this and at 53 years old, I build this patio all by myself. I'm so proud of it. The mold was easy to use and the concrete just slid right off so I could move on to the next one.

        June Kuphal
        I recommend this product!!

        I love my walk maker! The path has improved the overall look of our yard!

        Dovie Waelchi

        This product was an excellent buy. From the price to the use I was so impressed. The paver was easy to use. I couldn’t be more happier about the results.

        Lacey Batz

        We painted our sidewalk and porch and people think it is real rocks. Looks awesome.

        Fleta Smitham

        Love the size and how easy it is to use. Made designing walkway faster.


        Ask a Question
        • Is this a stamp to press into already poured concrete or a mold to make your own pavers?

          There are mainly two methods used:
          1. On the concrete floor that has been poured, use the mold to extrude the shape on the cement surface;
          2. Use the mold to pour cement for pavement construction.

        • Can I use paint on patio floor using the mold?

          Yes you can.

        • Is this good to use for a driveway?

          Yes, it is suitable for cars, not for heavy pickups.

        • Are all the smaller bricks locked together or separate? Looking at the mold it looks like each brick separate, do the small ones move?

          The function of the mold is to divide the plain concrete floor into different shapes, about 1/10 of an inch between them, and if they are laid on mud or grass, they will not move.

        • What is the best concrete to use? And do I need to fill in the gaps with mortar or anything else?

          Quick set sakrete with a polymeric joining sand for the gaps. The quick set gave me enough time to get it mixed and put into the mold. It also had like a 1-3 hour dry time before being able to walk on it which was great for the dogs.

        • Do you have to put sand or grout in between them when making a path if you butt them up to each other?

          No, you just need to lay the mold splicing like a stamp. When you are finished, you can fill in all the gaps with sand.

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