Teach them young: Kids and tools

Kids and tools can strike fear into many parents. I get that, power tools can be pretty scary without proper training but there are many, many tools, hand tools, that serve as a great way for you, your kids and tools to all work together. Almost all of us here at Home Construction Improvement, Tool Box Buzz, and Concord Carpenter have children. The kids vary in age from infant to all grown up. We are all encountering or have dealt with showing our kids how to use tools safely. Here are some ways that you can introduce kids and tools in a safe manner.

Bottom Line

These things are all ways to help introduce kids and tools in a relatively safe manner but more importantly, it’s quality time spent together. Maybe they won’t take a shine to them right away and that’s ok. It took me years to appreciate the skills my dad was teaching me and even longer to appreciate the quality time but now they are some of my favorite memories. Now get out there and do something together.



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